Our Services

Hazardous / Non-Hazardous
Waste Disposal

Alico Waste Experts is certified by the “Sindh Environmental Protection Agency” of the Government of Sindh for Handling, Collection, and Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste.

Other Related Services

Transportation is within our core services, as we have a vast range of our own Vehicles & Containers used by Alico Waste Experts to transport liquids, hazardous & non-hazardous goods


We Alico Waste Experts are also Certified pest control services provider working all over Pakistan, We offer not only general fumigation, Termite Control, bed bugs control, carpet cleaning etc. but also some special.

Debris Removal Services

Debris can be defined as trash, junk, or items of no value that have been left at the property by the mortgagor. This also includes items that pose an infestation risk such as food and raw garbage, as well as non-infestation...

Septic Tanks & Pits Cleaning

The cleaning of oil spills, oil sludge, sewage water and other material from a septic tank has become of major concern. Our trucks are equipped with modern vacuum tanks and tank has a capacity to handle 4500 liters in one time.

Special Waste Services

Waste from many businesses cannot be disposed of traditionally and requires special handling. When it comes to complicated special waste, we are available nationwide to make responsible disposal effortless.